Package net.sf.transjvm

Class Summary
Case Class representing an individual case within a switch statement.
ConstructorID This class is used for referencing constructors.
Expression This class represents expressions.
FieldID A class representing a field identifier.
Flags Constant flags
Frame Class representing a stack frame.
Handler A class representing an exception handler.
InstructionStream Utility stream for writing instruction codes.
Label A label performs no action, but serves as a target for jumps and branches.
MemberID A class representing an identifier.
MethodID A class representing a method identifier.
Statement Statements are the basic building blocks of JVM code
TClass A class used for building JVM class files.
TConstructor A class representing a constructor
TField A class representing a field.
TMethod A class representing a method.
TypeID A Class representing JVM types.
Variable Variables represents storage locations in the JVM: locals, fields and array members.

Copyright 2004-5, Mark Shannon