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emptyArray(TypeID, Expression) - Static method in class net.sf.transjvm.Expression
endSub() - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.InstructionStream
EQ - Static variable in class net.sf.transjvm.Operator
The equality operator.
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.ConstructorID
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.FieldID
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.jvm.UTF
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.MemberID
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.MethodID
equals(Object) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.TypeID
eval(InstructionStream, int) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.Expression
Writes the code to stream necessary for the evaluation of this Expression.
eval(Expression) - Method in interface net.sf.transjvm.util.StatementVisitor
Evaluator - Class in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator() - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator
Evaluator(ClassLoader) - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator
Evaluator.Boolean - Class in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator.Boolean() - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Boolean
Evaluator.Double - Class in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator.Double() - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Double
Evaluator.Dump - Enum in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator.Float - Class in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator.Float() - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Float
Evaluator.Integer - Class in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator.Integer() - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Integer
Evaluator.Long - Class in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator.Long() - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Long
Evaluator.Object - Class in net.sf.transjvm.util
Evaluator.Object() - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Object
ExceptionEntry - Class in net.sf.transjvm.jvm
ExceptionEntry(int, int, int, int) - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.jvm.ExceptionEntry
execute(Statement, Frame) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator
Expression - Class in net.sf.transjvm
This class represents expressions.
Expression(TypeID) - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.Expression
expression(Expression) - Method in interface net.sf.transjvm.util.StatementVisitor
ExpressionVisitor - Interface in net.sf.transjvm.util

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