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FALSE - Static variable in class net.sf.transjvm.Expression
Expression representing the constant false.
fconst(float) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.InstructionStream
field(Expression, FieldID) - Method in interface net.sf.transjvm.util.ExpressionVisitor
FieldID - Class in net.sf.transjvm
A class representing a field identifier.
FieldID(TypeID, String, TypeID) - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.FieldID
Create new FieldID
filledArray(TypeID, Expression...) - Static method in class net.sf.transjvm.Expression
Returns an expression for an array of type memberType, containing items.
filledArray(TypeID, Expression[]) - Method in interface net.sf.transjvm.util.ExpressionVisitor
FINAL - Static variable in class net.sf.transjvm.Flags
Marks class, method or field as final.
Flags - Class in net.sf.transjvm
Constant flags
FLOAT - Static variable in class net.sf.transjvm.TypeID
Alias for REAL32
floatValue() - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Double
floatValue() - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Float
floatValue(Expression) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator
floatValue() - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Integer
floatValue() - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.util.Evaluator.Long
forName(String) - Static method in class net.sf.transjvm.TypeID
Returns the TypeID for the named class.
Frame - Class in net.sf.transjvm
Class representing a stack frame.
Frame(boolean, TypeID...) - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.Frame
Constructs a Frame object
Frame(TypeID[], boolean) - Constructor for class net.sf.transjvm.Frame
Constructs a Frame object
free(Variable) - Method in class net.sf.transjvm.Frame
Frees a frame variable, allowing it to be reallocated.

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Copyright 2004-5, Mark Shannon